Sunday, June 1, 2014

The God of The Sea

Name: Poseidon
3 Facts:

  • He is the god of the sea
  • Roman name is Neptune 
  • Controlled sea monsters and storms
3 Characteristics:

  • His weapon is a pitch fork
  • Created horses
  • Sometimes referred to as "The Earth Shaker"
The thing that made Poseidon respected was that he was very powerful and controlled many things. For example, the sea, storms, and horses.

The reason Poseidon is my favorite god is, he is the god of the sea and is able to control it. Also, he is very powerful and is one of the greatest gods.

I would respect Poseidon because he is able to control the sea and storms so he has a lot of power and can do so many things.

Poseidons greatest strength was that he over ruled many people.
Poseidons greatest weakness was his anger.

In summation Poseidon was well respected and very important in Greek Mythology.

27 Stone Figures Pop Up in Time Square

 People went to Time Square in the morning to find some new statues lined up. “At first I thought they looked really cool and then I found out they were real people!” exclaimed  Merideth a surprised lady who saw the statues. Many people thought that the statues were a new tourist attraction added to Time Square, they were all incorrect  “Overnight I thought I heard hissing sounds but I didn’t think it was anything, I thought wrong,” said Johny. B. John. 

Many people come to the conclusion that the statues were created by the evil Gorgon Medusa. It is said she roams the streets of New York. An overnight fast food worker named Jim said, “ I saw some weird person walking around. She had some cray cray hair yo.” Multiple people think it was Medusa who did this. Some police looked at the security camera on some of the buildings. They didn’t figure anything out. 
The final person we got information from was Abigail Georgous. She actually survived the now called attack. She said “ I learned a little about Greek Mythology and learned you’re not supposed to look Medusa in the eye. When I saw the snake head I only looked around with my shiny phone screen. I made it into a building and escaped.” So there you have it, Medusa is roaming the streets of New York and is the one who did this horrible thing.

S.S Puffy Saved by "Sea God"

Passengers left confused by the fortunate outcome by an unknown “sea god.” passengers had lots to say. “Out of nowhere the whole boat just started tipping! It was like totally crazy!” Charm explained, a woman who had been on vacation on the S.S Puffy. All the passengers were surprised by the random tipping of the boat, but what happened after was what had really filled their minds. How could this happen?


“It was like nothing I had ever seen before! This large man with a pitchfork comes and turns the boat upright! It was good, but who would have seen it coming?” exclaimed Snowball, another passenger on the S.S Puffy.  This odd man like figure startled the passengers who were supposed to be on vacation. Everyone waited wondering who this unknown “man” was, and we were going to find out.
Next, we talked to the Captain, who had claimed that he had exciting news. “I asked him what his name was and all he said that he was some sort of “Sea God.” said the Captain, excited to tell his news. According to Greek mythology the “Sea God”, has a name, Poseidon. Well, there you have it. Unique “sea god” or as we have now found out, Poseidon, saves the day and saves the lives of the passengers of the S.S Puffy.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Pie or Pi


Pi is an infinite number used in math. It is used for circles because circles go around and around so they are infinite like pi. It is used to compare the diameter and circumference of a circle using a ratio. It is also used for many other math purposes related to using a circle. Pi is a Greek letter. A little part of pi is 3.1415926535. That is only a tiny part of pie compared to infinity. Because the first digits of pi are 3.14 pi day takes place on March 14. People usually eat pie and do pi based things in school.We did some pi based things in English and of course math. In my math class we read a fiction book based on pi and pie. It was funny. We also ate different types of things in the shape of a circle. In my English class we did a  pi scavenger hunt on computers. 




Pi is infinite so it is impossible to know all of the numbers. Although you can memorize a lot of them. My challenge is to try and memorize as much as you can of pi. In the comment write all of the numbers up until you know. Lets see who can memorize the most!

Is The Ocean In The Shell?


Have you ever went to the beach and picked up a large seashell. When people find large seashells they tend to put the seashell to their ear to listen to the "ocean." What they think is that you can hear the ocean from inside the seashell. Is this true? Younger kids may think the ocean is actually in the shell. Another myth is people think it is the sound of your blood pumping. Others think it is the sound of the air flowing through the shell. Scientists proved both of these thoughts wrong. They did some experiments and came up to the belief that the sound comes from the echo of the noise in the air around you. Some people still don't believe that. 

Why I Chose This Topic

I also always like to listen to the ocean sounds in the shells whenever I see one. When I was younger I used to think that some how in a magical way the ocean and the shell were connected by some sort of string. I used that logic till I found out it was not actually the ocean I was hearing. The reason I chose this topic is because of that. I new you didn't actually hear the ocean, so I was wondering what you hear when you put the shell to your ear.


Many people have different theories as to what the noises you hear in a shell are. Do you agree with the scientists or one of the myths? Or do you have your own theory. Whatever you think is true share with me. Write it in the comments!

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Do Zebra Stripes Have a Purpose?


When we see a zebra we can obviously see it because of its stripes. The stripes are very vivid and easy for a human eye to catch, but is it the same with different animals? A zebras main predator is a lion. It is known that lions are color blind. They can only see black, white, and shades of gray. If they see a deer with dark brown fur in a plain with light yellow grass, they will see the deer as black and the grass as white so it is easy to spot for them. However if they see a black and white zebra it can blend in with the grass or anything else the are hiding in.

My Opinion 

I think it is better for zebras to have stripes. First of all their number one predator can not see them that much. They won't get attacked as often because the lions won't be able to see them. If they are standing in very high grass the lion will definitely not see them. If they are standing in the open they have a much larger chance of being see. Second of all they look very cool with stripes. Without stripes they would not be as exciting to see. They would some what look like horses. Horses are also pretty but then two animals would look alike and neither would be unique.    


I love all kinds of animals like zebras. Many animals have something different about them that keeps them safe. Your challenge is to research one of your favorite animals and find out what they use or have to keep them safe. If you find anything write it in the comments below! Thanks!

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Are Their Huge Ears For Hearing?


Have you ever seen an elephant? Well if you haven't there is a picture of one on the right hand side. What do you notice? I know the first thing I notice is its huge ears! When I see the huge ears I think elephants have great hearing, which could be true but that's not only what their used for. Elephants are very large so they must get very hot. What do they do with this extra heat you may ask. That's another purpose for their ears. Elephants have a blood vessel in their ears. When there temperature rises higher then it's supposed to, the extra heat comes out of their ears. 

My Opinion

Elephants heat comes out of their ears. Well when humans get too hot they sweat. Instead of heat coming out of our ears we sweat on our bodies. Which do you think is better? Would you rather sweat or have heat come out of your ears. Sweating is a normal thing for humans. Heat coming out of elephants ears is a normal thing for them. So if heat were to come out of my ears it would not feel normal. I would rather have what humans naturally have. 


Elephants are very interesting animals. You can find many facts about them. Your challenge is to research facts about elephants. If you find something cool share it with me. Write it in the comments!

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